Sheet dispensing machines

Our palletizing lines can be equipped with dispensers that can lay base sheets, slip sheets and top sheets. Different types of base sheets can be laid out on the empty pallet. When using pre-cut slip sheets (paper or plastic), a holding cartridge is provided from which the sheets are placed on the empty pallet via a vacuum system. When using roll slip sheets, a sheet of paper or plastic is cut to the desired length and placed on the empty pallet. If required, a slip sheet can also be placed between each layer of bags. This further increases the stability of the stacked pallet. Top sheets made from various materials are also an option, including cardboard to keep the pallet dust-free and plastic as protection against rain.

The power of SYMACH

The strength of SYMACH lies in the years of experience. The knowledge and expertise this brings can be found at every stage of each bagger and palletizer, design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

SYMACH is based in the Netherlands and the company is internationally active in all directions, expanding steadily. The daily focus on quality, flexibility and a high level of service, clearly make the difference.

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