Palletizing carrots no longer holds any secrets for us. As our background is in the agricultural sector, we know exactly what is required when it comes to palletizing carrots. Our machines are flexible and can be easily adjusted for bags of carrots from 3 to 20 kilos. Regardless of the size, these bags are stacked in perfectly straight, stable rows and within the pallet margins.
We take an innovative approach to machines and are constantly working on product innovation. The result: palletizers for carrots with a customized modular design, high capacity and a high degree of flexibility. If required, we can supplement the palletizer with options for (folding) crates, boxes and open packaging configurations. We round out the palletizing line with various options for stabilizing pallets, such as wrapping with foil, a corner board applicator and a strapping machine.


The power of SYMACH

The strength of SYMACH lies in the years of experience. The knowledge and expertise this brings can be found at every stage of each bagger and palletizer, design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

SYMACH is based in the Netherlands and the company is internationally active in all directions, expanding steadily. The daily focus on quality, flexibility and a high level of service, clearly make the difference.

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