Palletizing machines

Our low-maintenance palletizers deliver significant added value to your logistics process by efficiently stacking stable pallets.
The palletizers are ideally suited for palletizing bags. The SYMACH palletizer will stack any bag, regardless of type, individually with overlap, to ensure a neat stable pallet. Our experience with agricultural products has taught us that this stacking method guarantees the best stability.  If required, we can also upgrade your machine with the optional Hybrid Multi-head for palletizing boxes, crates, or bundles. Whichever option you choose, you will find that the intuitive drag and drop operation makes changing over quick and intuitive.  

SYMACH's palletizers are characterized by how they stack the bags, which are always within the dimensions of the pallet. Because the bags do not overhang the edge of the pallet it significantly reduces the risk of damage to your product. It also allows for more efficient pallet loading.
You will therefore find our machines in a wide range of industries with a variety of products.

Important palletizer features:

  • Intuitive drag & drop operation
  • Product-friendly handling
  • Overlapping of bags
  • Perfectly straight stacking
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance

The power of SYMACH

The strength of SYMACH lies in the years of experience. The knowledge and expertise this brings can be found at every stage of each bagger and palletizer, design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

SYMACH is based in the Netherlands and the company is internationally active in all directions, expanding steadily. The daily focus on quality, flexibility and a high level of service, clearly make the difference.

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