Cereals, seeds & nuts

SYMACH has extensive experience in the packaging and palletization of cereals, seeds and nuts. We provide options for bags of cereals, seeds and nuts from 10 kg to 50 kg. All materials and closing techniques are available.
We provide increased stability by making it possible to stack the bags with overlap. This palletizing method also makes it possible to stack a perfectly straight pallet. In addition, we remain within the boundaries of the pallet dimensions to prevent damage to the bags of cereals, seeds and nuts. This also makes it possible to stack the bags very efficiently. There are additional possibilities available for pallet stabilization, wrapping in stretch film and the application of a top sheet as protection against dust and/or moisture.

The power of SYMACH

The strength of SYMACH lies in the years of experience. The knowledge and expertise this brings can be found at every stage of each bagger and palletizer, design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

SYMACH is based in the Netherlands and the company is internationally active in all directions, expanding steadily. The daily focus on quality, flexibility and a high level of service, clearly make the difference.

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